American Linden (tilia americana)

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on 01 January 2014

American linden tree is the native North American species of linden, also known as basswood. The American linden is a stately, tall tree, growing to more than 100 feet. Pyramidal in youth, the tree develops a more rounded crown at maturity. It has gray to brown bark and large, toothed, heart-shaped, deciduous leaves. The leaves are dark green above and pale beneath, turning yellow or yellow-green in the fall. The yellow flowers would not be particularly noticeable without their pervading fragrance.

This tree transplants readily and does best in deep, rich, moist, well-drained soils with full sun or partial shade. Never plant the American linden over a parking area, such as a driveway; the sticky nectar that drips from the flowers can damage car paint.


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