Austrian Pine (pinus nigra)

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on 01 January 2014

The Austrian Pine or Black Pine (Pinus nigra) is a tree with strong character and visual interest. Pinus nigra is a native tree of the Mediterranean region, from southern Europe into Northern African and Western Asia. 

It grows up to 1′-1.5′ per year reaching 25′-35′ tall and 15′-25′ wide.  It usually grows with a rounded conic form, becoming more irregular in older trees.

The Austrian Pine has a lifespan of several hundred years with some trees living over 500 years. It is best grown in full sun on a well-drained soil. The Austrian Pine can also be grown on light clay soils with good drainage. This tree does not tolerate shade. The trunk bark is greyish to yellow-brown, and fissured.

The Austrian Pine is a great landscaping tree. Even when young and small they are considered cute and have a dense canopy.  If the lower branches are left in place the Austrian Black Pine makes a great screen or visual barrier. If planted in clumps their dense growth is ideal for wildlife.

Although often planted as an ornamental, the Austrian Black Pine produces a dark shade canopy so should be considered when looking for shade producing trees.

The Austrian Pine is much less susceptible to diseases that affect other pines like Pinon Needle Scale or Pine Tip Borers. This Pine is best grown with low to regular water and is Hardy to USDA Zone 4.

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