Tree Growth Regulators

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on 01 February 2014

Jones Tree Farms can inject a tree to provide a desirable growth reduction in a wide variety of ornamental trees. With a single vascular injection, vegetative growth generally is reduced up to 70% over a three-year period.




 Growth Regulators are ideal for trees

  • Planted too close together
  • Too close to homes, decks
  • Along scenic lines of sight
  • Near utility and power lines
  • Along sidewalks or in vaults
  • Placed in containers or tree wells

Boost Tree Health

Growth regulator condenses shoot elongation and stimulates root development. This increases root-to-crown ratio which can increase stress resistance and speed recovery from stress brought on by drought, pollution, and temperature extremes.

Beneficial tree growth reduction lets you:

  • Reduce growth where trees are planted
    too close together or in tightly landscaped areas.
  • Manage growth of trees planted too
    close to homes, decks, foundations,
    or other structures.
  • Maintain scenic view with less trimming.
  • Manage size and improve vitality of trees
    in vaults, along sidewalks, in parking
    lots, or in interior spaces.
  • Extend trimming cycles, reducing labor
    time and expenses.
  • Stimulate fibrous root systems.
  • Improve vitality in overly mature trees
    or those in mild decline.

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