Tree Transplanting

Are you looking for instant shade, instant treescaping, instant gratification?  Would you like to surround your enviroment witha "forest" of mature trees in a matter or hours or days?  How about the abiltity to move trees from one location to a more advantageous location.  


Jones Tree Farms can help you accomplish any of these goals. Our professional approach and expertise has earned us a solid reputation in large tree handling.  Not only do we specialize in large and smal tree transplanting, but we also offer our customers creative ideas and suggestions to maximize the full potential of your landscaping project, no matter what the size.

In addition to providing a new tree or relocating an existing one, we also offer our clients the option to sell their trees.  This provides the home owner with a cost effective, eco-friendly plan rather than just cutting the tree down.

We guarantee our trees to live for one year with a 1/2 price, one time replacement charge.  There is no guarentee on trees we transplant on your property.